Services Offered

E-Commerce & Branding




DVP being a boutique firm run by a designer in Belgium, has a niche and upscale customer base. Their core aim is ‘to instil passion and a sense of confidence in the person wearing a DVP piece’. Their brand is all about a mix of african wax pattern and european cuts and styles. They approached us to strengthen and communicate this idea through every visual element of their brand.


The logo was designed using the initials of the designer with black, white and yellow. The brand being all about strong women who are comfortable in their skin, yet fun loving- we added a pinch of yellow in the logo adding more character to the brand.


The website has been designed in a fluid manner with a story that unfolds as the user scrolls through. The focus was on communicating the brand’s values, roots and offerings through pictures and concise text in a way that does not overwhelm the user but intrigues them. A minimalistic approach has been followed while maintaining a theme that shows exclusivity and elegance which is what the brand is about.

Colour Palette

The client wanted a brand that was timeless, whose elements will remain in vogue for years to come so we picked the most versatile colours- Black and white for along with a tinge of yellow to add more depth and character to the brand.