6 Stunning colour palettes for websites!

Ever wondered how grey means gloomy while yellow is youthful and celebratory? Why do so many tech firms use blue in their logos and fast-food chains red?

Colours inadvertently play an integral role in moulding our perception of an object/situation. In design, your choice of colours needs to speak to your audience, convey the message in the intended manner and keep them engaged. Most designers, even seasoned ones, face a dilemma about which colours to use on their website- must it be welcoming, bold, intelligent or professional?  Choosing the right colour palette that fits into your brand’s guidelines and project requirements is a time consuming and important decision to make at the beginning of a design project.

We’re here to help out just a little bit by sending your way a few colour palettes and what kind of websites they can be used for, to get started on your next website project at ease 🙂

  1. Dark and Striking

    Colour palettes such as the below one gives a bold and provocative look to the website. A perfect place to use this would be for designers to display their portfolio or luxury brands who stick to minimal usage of colour while allowing their product images to be accentuated. 

6 Stunning colour palettes for websites!

  1. Cool and balanced

    Who doesn’t love teal? Teal is a colour that been trending and widely used lately for all kinds of websites be it, a Montessori, tech firm, financial institution or even tea sommeliers. It gives an earthy and soft trusting feel while also looking professional. So versatile!

6 Stunning colour palettes for websites!

  1. Fresh and lively

    A colour palette that screams fun, vivacious and energising! The contrast and mix of colours are perfect for a travel related website or a firm promoting adventure sports. 

6 Stunning colour palettes for websites!

  1. Soft and elegant

    One of our personal favourites! Simply looking at this colour palette makes you feel warm and calm. The pale tones of colours are made by mixing significant amount of white into the original shade. It gives a softer look that’s easier for the eyes. This soothing colour palette would be ideal for wellness and baby products giving it an elegant and trusting appeal. 

6 Stunning colour palettes for websites!

  1. Earthy and pastel

    Pastel colours are in and in to stay! With people and organisations becoming more environmentally friendly from manufacturing to packaging, it is becoming all the more important convey this thought in their visual communication as well. Enter the earthy colour palette! This palette is perfect for this! Doesn’t the below design give a very organic and healthy feel to the brand?

6 Stunning colour palettes for websites!

  1. Bold and vivacious

    Red, yellow and a jamboree of colours! This bold combination of colours is perfect for brands that position themselves as youthful, fun and creative – like design studios for example. 

6 Stunning colour palettes for websites!

You can create numerous colour palettes like the above depending on the message and positioning of your brand. Keep an eye on our blog for more design inspiration 😊

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