Elevating Luxury Car Storage and Auctions in Hong Kong through User-Centric Design and Accessibility



LPA being an emerging player in the luxury car storage and auction industry, they wanted a responsive website with a premium and luxury feel to achieve the following goals:

  • Brand Identity: Establish LPA’s brand identity and mission in the market
  • Customer Engagement: Encourage communication with potential clients through inquiries, online auctions, etc.,
  • Market Expansion: Position the brand for growth and expansion in the competitive luxury car market.
  • Global Reach: Reach a wider international audience of car enthusiasts and prospective buyers.
  • Streamlined Auctions: Facilitate efficient online auctions for all parties involved
  • Educational Content: Build trust in target market through informative content on car storage, maintenance, and auctions.


Before the design phase, multiple meetings with the stakeholders were held to understand the idea behind the brand, their USP and vision. Then we moved into looking for data on premium and vintage cars, the sales, demand, target market and information available to prospective customers. We found that even though the market is a niche one, there were quite a competition. Other findings included:

  • Surging Demand: Vintage car market demand and sales have been consistently growing at an average rate of 9% annually
  • Lack of Centralised Info: Current market lacks a centralised source for comprehensive information on luxury cars
  • Transparency Concerns: Buyers express concerns about limited transparency in listings and auctions.
  • Digital Shift: The industry is gradually shifting towards online platforms and auctions.

Keywords for the brand


LPA embodies an aesthetic of sophistication and refined luxury in its approach to car storage and auctions.


The brand values transparency in its dealings, ensuring trust and clarity in all interactions.


The brand brings innovative solutions to the vintage car market, combining traditional values with modern accessibility.


LPA embraces a rich heritage of automotive culture, reflecting a deep appreciation for the history and craftsmanship of automobiles.



The website employs a well-balanced typographic choice where one offers a modern and bold appearance, lending a sense of prominence key elements and the other provides clear readability enhancing the overall user experience.

Colour Palette

The colour palette for this website’s design is a harmonious blend of black and gold. Black symbolises sophistication, while gold exudes luxury and elegance. This combination creates a visually striking and timeless aesthetic.


Project highlights

1. Micro-animation

The design incorporates subtle micro-animations that provide a delightful and engaging experience for users. These animations not only add a touch of elegance but also guide users intuitively, enhancing their interaction with the website.

2. Balance of aesthetics & legibility

Striking the perfect balance between legibility and aesthetics was a paramount objective. The typography choice ensures readability while maintaining a visually appealing design, ensuring users can easily consume content without sacrificing style.

3. Access to information

Streamlining the user journey was a central focus. The design minimizes the number of clicks required to achieve goals, ensuring users can quickly access vital information about car listings, auctions, and services. This approach enhances user satisfaction and conversion rates, aligning with LPA’s objectives of transparency and accessibility.

Website design and development

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