Zanado | Plant Powered Protein

Website for the region’s pioneering plant protein, delivering protein content on par with animal-based options per, all while maintaining the cleanest label in the market!



Zanado strives to establish itself as the preeminent plant-based protein powder in the region, rivaling traditional animal protein sources such as whey. Despite boasting a clean label containing only two ingredients and a protein content comparable to whey protein, there is a pressing need to generate brand awareness and communicate the product’s advantages in order to drive sales (naturally!). As a fledgling brand in the market, Zanado necessitates an all-encompassing digital platform, in the form of an immersive e-commerce website, to successfully accomplish its goals.


Extensive research revealed compelling data in the protein powder market. Recent statistics indicate a notable 40% surge in protein powder consumption among fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. Additionally, there has been a significant 50% increase in consumer interest towards plant-based protein alternatives, driven by a growing awareness of healthier and sustainable dietary choices. Armed with these insights, strategic positioning was established to tap into this thriving market and fulfill the demand for healthier protein options. Consequently, stakeholder communication commenced, enabling a deeper understanding of core customers, their workflows, pain points, technical constraints, product goals, and expectations.


The objective is to present information in a simple and identifiable manner, ensuring clear and easy navigation for users to perform actions with a minimal number of clicks.



The website uses a blend of serif fonts for titles and clean, minimal sans serif fonts for the body. This deliberate composition achieves a harmonious equilibrium between contrast, readability, and modernism thereby captivating customers with its typographic allure.

Colour Palette

The usage of yellow and orange as primary colours is intended to evoke a sense of energy and enthusiasm. This dynamic and engaging color palette harmoniously complements the website’s lively content, creating an overall vibrant and captivating user experience.



The product is simple and healthy and this simplicity needed to be applied in the design as well. Minimalistic illustrations, simple shapes and lots of room for the design to breathe- that’s the idea!


Project Takeaways

1. Ensuring brand consistency

Integrating the brand’s values into every aspect of your design and speaking te same language of the brand is a challenging task! By carefully curating content, selecting fitting imagery, and even playing with the white space, I accomplished a cohesive design that speaks the brand’s language, teaching me the art of staying true to the brand’s identity.

2. Value of user feedback & research

Gathering real user feedback and conducting thorough research became a pivotal aspect of my project. Understanding the shortcomings of the previous website through user insights helped me make informed decisions and incorporate necessary improvements.

3. Optimising structure & content of information

I discovered the benefits of breaking down information into bite-sized lessons, empowering users to carve their own learning path. Utilizing sections and tabs to organize content made it easier for users to assimilate information at their own pace, enhancing their overall learning experience.

Website design and development

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